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  • Commercial Air Filters
  • “30/30®” is the first true MERV 8 (ASHRAE 52.2-2008) prefilter. The 30/30 has very low initial resistance, low maintained resistance to airflow, and the lowest average pressure drop of any MERV 8 filter. It has earned five stars on the ECI (Energy Cost Index) – the best-possible performance ranking.
30/30 MERV 8 Prefilter
  • Hi-Flo® ES high-efficiency ASHRAE grade pocket type air filter incorporates high lofted, air laid micro fiber glass media for reliable efficiency. Using CMS (Controlled Media Spacing) technology in the pocket configuration provides lowest energy use and longest service life of any bag filter. MERV 11, 13, 14.
Hi-Flo ES (Energy Saver)
  • Durafil® ES provides high efficiency performance in a compact, energy-efficient design. Filter uses a wet-laid, microfine fiber media in a unique pleat-in-pleat V-bank design with up to 200 sq. ft. of media area. The ES uses 20-35% less energy than other V-type products.
Durafil ES (Energy Saver)
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Commercial Air Filters

To be sure, the savings and benefits that are possible via improved energy management for hospitals can be significant. The EPA has estimated that just by improving maintenance and installing more efficient equipment, hospitals can cut their energy bills up to 30 percent. Better yet, the expenses can go down without sacrificing the quality of care. Indeed, with the right technology, patient care can actually improve even as costs drop.

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