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Camfil Farr Air Filters Win Product of the Year Award

Camfil USA : News : Camfil Farr Air Filters Win Product of the Year Award

Energy-efficient Hi-Flo ES filter earns top honor from Environmental Protection Magazine

Camfil Farr Hi-Flo Es air filtersair filters
Camfil Farr Air Filters Win Product of the Year Award

// Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil USA // Lynne Laake
Featuring a sustainable design that provides optimal air quality while requiring less energy than competing air filters, the Hi-Flo ES, from Camfil Farr, was named a 2011 Product of the Year by Environmental Protection Magazine. The honor, which came in the air quality and climate category, was announced during the Westec manufacturing technology exposition in Los Angeles.

The only filter of its kind designed to operate without a prefilter, the Hi-Flo ES is engineered to combine long service life with lower energy demands. The result is a commercial air filter that not only reduces energy costs but replacement costs, as well, as change-outs are far less frequent than with more traditional designs. The savings go beyond the pocketbook, too, as less frequent change-outs mean less waste directed to landfills.

For years, Camfil Farr -- the world’s leading producer of clean air solutions -- has made sustainability a focal point in its designs, developing innovative solutions that maintain high air quality while using less energy and creating less waste. The company’s innovative products boost the environment while boosting the bottom line. Indeed, manufacturers, hospitals, office buildings, educational institutions, hotels, and other users that have switched to energy-efficient Camfil Farr air filters have been able to reduce their HVAC energy costs by up to 40 percent. Because less energy means less carbon emissions, sustainable commercial air filters also help attack climate-related issues.

Because sustainable designs can’t make compromises on performance, Camfil Farr has designed its next-generation commercial air filters to deliver cost and environmental benefits while improving air quality. As a result, the Hi-Flo ES filter has become the go-to technology for the removal of harmful particles.

A member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the U.N. Global Compact Program, Camfil Farr has 23 research and production research facilities, working to develop the tools and products that will bring sustainability to customers around the world -- and bring the world a greener, more healthful future.

The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil Farr provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We provide the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections -- all while lowering total cost of ownership. Camfil Farr customers go green without ever sacrificing performance. For more information about our Hi-Flo ES air filters or our other clean air solutions, visit us online at, or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

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