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Case Studies

Camfil USA : Case Studies

Hospital Filtration

1. University Medical Center Performs On-Site Filter Tests, Demonstrates Hi-Flo Fine Fiber
Media is Superior to Synthetics.
In-situ tests on multiple air handling units over an 8-week period provided conclusive proof of
fine fiber media superiority.

2. University Medical Center Lowers Costs, Gets Longer Service Life with "30/30" Air Filters.
Quick dust loading, high air velocity and turbulent airflow, and high ambient humidity posed special challenges.

3. US "Top 3" Hospital Optimizes Air Quality by Replacing Synthetic Filters with Fine Fiber Media
In-situ tests showed original (electrostatic) filters caused air quality to degrade quickly.

4. Lean Staffing Leads Hospital to Solution Offering "True MERV 8" Efficiency, Reduced Filter Changes. 
Bonus: first-year energy cash savings top $28,000.  

5. US "Top 10" Pediatric Care Facility Replaces Charged, Coarse Media, Gains Longer Filter Life,
$70,960 in Annual Cash Savings.

Life Cycle Costing Analysis was key to documenting air quality and cost advantages.  

6. National Hospital System Responds to Cost Cutting Mandate, Selects Filter Providing Lowest
TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with MERV 8 Performance.

Low static pressure values were key to determining best filter technology. 

7. Extended Care Hospital Eliminates Odors, Emissions and Pollutants, Solves Legal Issue
with High Efficiency Filters
Outside supply air posed unusual mix of challenges – and worker's comp claim.

8. Cost Reduction Mandate Causes Hospital to Consider New Ways of Achieving True MERV 8
Efficiency as Required by DHHS.
Tests prove purchasing groups not always best for obtaining lowest life cycle costs.       


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

9. Global Vaccine Research Firm Case Study: Hi-Flo ES Saves $24,000 in Costs Yearly
By switching to Camfil fine fiber media air filters the R&D firm saved on their initial investment and for the entire life of the filter

10. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Improves Air Quality, Sees 20% Savings in Air Handling Energy Costs.
Projected Annual Savings for 800 AHU facility top $1,000,000.

11. Long Lifetime Efficiency and Superior Particulate Removal Benefit Vaccine Producer.
Upgrade to Fine Fiber Media from Coarse Fiber Improves IAQ with no effect on pressure drop. 

12. Pharmaceutical Company Replaces High-charge Electrostatic media, Gains Efficiency,
While Lowering Life Cycle Costs. 
Durafil fine fiber media proves air filtration can maintain its high initial efficiency over a long service life.

13. $1.2 million in Annual Cash Savings, and 5-Star Energy Rating Persuade Pharmaceutical
Manufacturer to Upgrade to Fine Fiber Media filters.
In-situ tests at multiple sites demonstrated superiority of "30/30" – Durafil combination.

14. "30/30" – Hi-Flo Combination Proves "Best in Class" for Bio-pharma Manufacturer
Side Benefit:  customer's engineering team calculated "14-1" savings: for every $1 spent with Camfil vs.
the competition, customer saves $14 in labor charges.

15. Nation's Fastest-growing School District Meets Cost-Cutting Goal as System Pressure Drop –
and Energy Costs -  Move Lower. 
Camfil Performance Guarantee made upgrade a risk-free proposition.

16. Pharmaceutical Plant Streamlines Certification Expense, Cuts Energy Use, Reduces Filter Usage
Changeout Frequency
Life Cycle Analysis model proved excellent tool for achieving lowest-possible TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).



Schools and Universities

17. Leading University Reduces Air Filter Costs by 33% and Achieves Targets for Airflow and Air Quality
Camfil Hi-Flo ES fine fiber media air filters, without the use of a pre-filter, proved to be far superior to the pre-filter and coarse fiber filters currently in use.

18. University Documents $46,000 Annual Savings by Moving to a Panel Filter
with 3-9X Longer Service Life.
Cost savings for energy associated with air handling also proved substantial.

19. University Lowers HVAC Energy Costs 24% per Year with Move from Charged Synthetic
to Fine Fiber Media

Net savings is $14 per filter, per year. 

20. Homewood City Schools Improve Indoor Air Quality, Turn Costs into Cash Savings.
Forward-thinking superintendent of schools had spearheaded LEED certification efforts; high school
recently named as one of America's top 500 public schools by Newsweek Magazine. 

21. The Nation's Fastest Growing School District Minimizes Filter Usage Without Risking Budget or Air Quality
Side-by-side filter comparisons proved that the 30/30 would last a minimum of twice as long as any competitive filter.



22. Leisure Products Manufacturer Shows Camfil Fine Fiber Media is 42% More Efficient
Than Synthetics, Delivers 12X the Service Life.
Controlled media spacing helped maintain lower pressure drop, reduce energy use.

23. Global Computer Maker Conducts High-Profile Air Filter Test to Determine "Best Economic Value."
Top performer was the radial pleat "30/30", which generated annual cash savings of $34,786, also
reduced changeout labor.

24. Global Chemical Company's R&D Facility Discovers Annual Savings of $300,000 in
Reduced Filter, Energy, and Labor Costs.

The in situ test demonstrated that Camfil 30/30 and Durafil ES delivered the rated MERV 13 efficiency
with lowest average pressure drop.



25. Fortune 500 Semiconductor Giant Moves From Low Commodity Filters to Low Life Cycle Cost Filters.
Change from coarse fiber to fine fiber media was key to savings of 37% over five years.

26. US Dept. of Energy Switches to Fine Fiber Media for Highest Efficiency, Lowest Pressure Drop.
Tests showed coarse fiber media had caused rapid efficiency loss; lab now purchases Camfil products
for peak performance, lowest energy use.

27. Camfil Media Reduces Chlorine Gas Levels from Extremely High to Zero at Semiconductor
Manufacturing Facility.
Zero-bypass, zero-odor solution also halted costly employee evacuations.



28. Luxury Hotel Chain Earns "Energy Honor Roll" Award after Installing "30/30" Panel
Filters and Reducing Energy Costs Per Room by 17% Annually
Changing to Camfil "30/30s" also allowed hotel to reduce air filters purchased annually from 8400
units to 1680.

29. Casino Evaluates Filter TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Chooses "30/30" as Best Value.
Product cost, changeouts, disposal, handling storage and energy expense all pointed to "30/30"
as #1 overall value.

30. Luxury ("Top 40") Golf Resort Improves Air Quality,  Reduces Annual Filter Use from
19,800 to 6,600
Reduced Waste Burden and labor costs added to savings.


Food and Beverage Processing

31.Midwest Snack Producer Case Study: One Filter Replaces Two With Better Results
In a head-to-head nine-month test against another manufacturer, Camfil fine fiber air filters proved to be the more cost effective solution

32.Top Candy Maker Case Study—HI-Flo ES Lasts 6 Times Longer Yielding Sweet Savings.
The problem—making candy yielded huge amounts of airborne particles clogging air handlers and delaying production due to frequent air filter change-outs.

33. Midwestern Beef Producer Maintains Product Safety While Realizing Substantial Savings in Energy, Product and Labor
The Camfil filtration solution proved an annual cost savings potential of $14,622 per AHU

34. Poultry Processor Gets 7X the Filter Life by Upgrading from Low Cost Pleated Panel
Filter to "30/30s". 
Performance Guarantee was key: company processes 44 million birds per week in a high humidity,
high-particulate loading environment.  

35. Beverage Producer Couples Contaminant Control with Cost Control
"30/30" – Durafil combination halved the number of filter changes, reduced AHU energy cost by 20%

36. Global Tea & Coffee Producer Calculates 20% Annual Savings on AHU Energy, Eliminates
Contamination Issue

Fine fiber media filters are ideally suited to high humidity environment.

37. Brewer Achieves 46% Efficiency Improvement in Removal of 0.5 Micron Particles.
Side-by-side particle count tests using identical AHUs documented superiority of "30/30s" compared to
charged coarse media filters.



38. "Destination” Mall Reduces HVAC Labor 68% and Benefits from Substantial Savings in Labor and Landfill Waste
Facility management was under a directive from corporate owners to reduce operating costs in all areas.

39. Retailer Pockets Savings of $6,750,000 Annually Using Air Filter with Low Life Cycle Cost
Low initial and low final pressure drop illustrates how resistance effects HVAC costs in the chain's
1500 stores.


Food Retailing

40. Food Retailer Uses Blind Tests in Mobile Lab to Make High-Stakes Filtration
Decision affecting 300 Stores. 
A 50% pressure drop advantage was achieved by Camfil "30/30" against Rival #1 after
2 months of testing; particle breakthrough and structural failure doomed Rival #2.

41. Escalating Costs and Competition Cause Grocery Chain to Look for Savings in Maintenance.
Tests of 3 filters demonstrated that replacement of store filters with "30/30s" would reduce change-outs
by 50% and save $30 per filter per year.



42. International Airport Solves Chronic Maintenance Issue and Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
Rising maintenance costs and demands placed on the airport due to poor airflow through its air filtration systems demanded a solution

43. International Airport Chooses High-capacity, High-efficiency, Low-bypass Filtration to Minimize
Gas-phase filter Life Cycle Costs and Labor.
Gas-phase challenges from passengers, auto and bus traffic, GSVs and jets posed complex set of
air quality challenges.


Office Building

44. Office Tower Saves $17,000 Cash / Year with Filter Upgrade.
Tests revealed commodity "charged media" filters had failed to provide rated air efficiency.



45. Verizon Wireless Arena Case Study—HI-Flo ES Removes Particles With No Pre Filter
The challenge—hosting events like monster truck shows require a huge demand on AHU’s causing high filter loading and frequently scheduled change-outs.



Waste Management

46. Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Study—Air Filter Life Extended by 600%
The call-to-action—the foggy environment of a bay area location caused rapid rusting of metal filter frame components requiring quarterly filter change-outs


Commercial Air Filters