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Next-Generation Air Filters Help Retailer Lower Costs and Improve Performance

Camfil USA : News : Next-Generation Air Filters Help Retailer Lower Costs and Improve Performance

By switching to innovative, energy efficient Camfil Farr air filters, a major pet supply company improved indoor air flow while reducing total cost of ownership

Next-Generation Air Filters Help Retailer Lower Costs and Improve Performance

// Riverdale, NJ, USA // Camfil USA // Lynne Laake
(Air Filters News) - Rising costs, increasing competition: these are challenges every business knows too well. But potential savings can be right under a company’s nose. Case in point: commercial air filters. Simply switching to a more efficient model -- one designed for sustainability -- can dramatically reduce costs, while making no sacrifices in indoor air quality, and reducing waste, to boot. It’s a lesson a major consumer pet supply discovered recently -- a discovery that quickly paid dividends.

With energy costs rising, the pet supply retailer decided to take a close look at store maintenance, including the total operating cost of its HVAC system. This was no small expense. With more than 1,100 stores, the company was spending in excess of $800,000 each year simply replacing its air filters. It was a cost the retailer wanted to bring down -- but without any sacrifice in airflow or indoor air quality.

Using LCC Green Software from Camfil Farr -- the world’s leading provider of energy efficient clean air solutions -- the retailer discovered that 30/30 pleated Camfil Farr air filters would last twice as long as its existing filters, and lower costs. The analysis was compelling, but before making the switch, the retailer wanted to see a real-world demonstration that proved the software’s conclusions. Camfil Farr then conducted a side-by-side study using the Camfil Farr CamTester along with rooftop filter pressure readings.

The test results provided just the proof the retailer was looking for: The Camfil Farr air filters maintained their efficiency so much longer than the existing filters that the retailer would only need to change filters twice a year, instead of four times. This would save the chain $65,000 a year in labor and material. But the largest part of the savings would be in energy. Because the 30/30 pleated filter operated -- as the comparison test demonstrated -- at a substantially lower resistance, less air changes would be required to heat and cool the stores.

Less frequent change-outs had an additional benefit, too: less waste heading to landfills. In fact, fully half the waste. Switching air filters wasn’t just a win for the budget, but for the environment, too.

What makes all of this possible is Camfil Farr’s innovative air filter design -- built with sustainability, and the future, in mind. The Camfil Farr 30/30 can last longer, catch more contaminants, and operate at lower average resistances than more conventionally designed commercial air filters because of several key features. First, a unique media fold design equally balances filter loading and provides more filter media surface area. Meanwhile, a sturdier frame structure provides greater rigidity. Finally, proprietary media traps and holds more contaminants.

In the end, the pet supply retailer learned what many manufacturers, hospitals, office buildings, educational institutions, hotels, and other businesses have already discovered: Going green brings a wide range of benefits. Cost reductions, of course, are one: Organizations that have switched to energy-efficient Camfil Farr air filters have been able to reduce their HVAC energy costs by up to 40 percent -- all while maintaining optimal air quality. The benefit to the environment, and to reducing pressures on increasingly scarce natural resources, is another. Best of all, the payoff isn’t just big -- it’s easily obtainable.

The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil Farr provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We provide the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections -- all while lowering total cost of ownership. Camfil Farr customers go green without ever sacrificing performance. For more information about our energy efficient air filters, visit us online at, or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

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