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Outdoor Air: Full of Unseen Unexpected Particles That Can Work Their Way Indoors

Camfil USA : News : Outdoor Air: Full of Unseen Unexpected Particles That Can Work Their Way Indoors

An air expert and the NY Daily News found bacteria, dead skin cells, fungus, soot, & more in the city’s air—stressing the need for effective indoor air filters.

Outdoor Air: Full of Unseen Unexpected Particles That Can Work Their Way IndoorsOutdoor air
Outdoor Air: Full of Unseen Unexpected Particles That Can Work Their Way Indoors

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Outdoor air can contain many unexpected— and unwanted — types of particles, and it can all seep indoors, posing health risks. The New York Daily News demonstrated that dramatically in its October 6 edition, when it teamed with an air expert to tour New York City and measure air quality. They found that the city’s air was full of foreign matter, including bacteria, fungus, tire rubber, dead skin cells, and even bits of clothing and cooking fat. The results highlight the need for efficient air filtration systems, which can effectively keep dangerous particles from entering indoor environments.

The findings, of course, were not surprising to those that have been at the forefront of assuring safe, healthful indoor air -- including Camfil Farr, the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions. They know that outdoor air pollution can lead to indoor air pollution, which can trigger or worsen dangerous conditions such as asthma and other respiratory problems.

The Daily News toured New York City with air expert Bill Logan, who analyzed samples of the areas they visited using a “spore sucker” of his own design. Logan found all manner of particles in the air samples, including tiny bits of glass, pollen, and spores. Starch and fat particles, Logan said, probably come from cooking in local restaurants. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the investigator found traces of nail polish and hair. Black latex from tires was another substance commonly found in air samples.

Close to New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, in the heart of Times Square, the air samples revealed a large quantity of carbon from bus and automobile exhaust, as well as soot and traces of tire rubber. In the South Bronx, samples were filled with carbon, tire particles, and diesel smoke -- which the Daily News said might help explain why asthma rates for school-aged children in that area are nearly twice the citywide average.

Efficient indoor air filtration can keep particles such as these from entering the indoor environment, and the best commercial air filters, used by office buildings, educational institutions, businesses, manufacturers, hotels, and others, do an effective job keeping the air safe. Indeed, the sustainable, high-efficiency air filters designed by Camfil Farr are designed to last longer, and perform at peak efficiency longer, than traditional designs, allowing customers to create an optimal indoor environment while cutting HVAC energy costs by 25 to 50 percent.

The Daily News’ tests demonstrate that clean air solutions aren’t just for commercial users, but for everyone. The air outside may look clean and healthful, but dangers lurk and they can spread. With the right air filtration products, however, they can be kept outside, and the air indoors -- where we spend up to 90 percent of our time -- can be kept comfortable, clean, and most importantly, safe.

Camfil Farr customers go green without ever sacrificing performance. For more information, visit us online at, or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

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